Entering the World of Web Development

As a Visual Communications major, design has been a subject that I have studied extensively. Having leaned heavily on the design process and less on development, I only maintained a basic knowledge of HTML and CSS. When starting as an intern at Think Patented in Miamisburg, Ohio, I knew my previous web development skills would be tested. Days before starting, I diligently worked through online courses on Code Academy, trying to piece together all I had learned previously.

On my first day at Bitstorm Connect, I met many talented and highly trained web developers. Each had gone through years of experience, each with valuable knowledge and resources to help me grow. I was started off easy; working on simple web maintenance practices. Each project introduced new challenges to work through and learn from. After only a short period, not only did my skills in web development increase, my existing knowledge of the design process also expanded.

I found there were many areas of the design process that overlap with the development side. At times, the design of a website only exists after factoring in the limitations of its development. These limitations can sometimes push creativity, allowing for new approaches that may not be as obvious. In web development, developers must factor in semantic HTML, search engine optimization (SEO) services, and web accessibility. Web development, like any technology, moves at a rapid pace, there are always new Javascript frameworks and techniques to learn about.

When students are in the classroom, they primarily learn the fundamentals of their majors, our interactions limited only to fellow students and professors. Client interaction plays a pivotal role in web development, and is a skill that can only come from real world practice. Like learning a language, the easiest way to adopt a new skill, is to be surrounded by it. Being immersed in Bitstorm Connect’s culture made learning not only easier, but allowed for a greater understanding in what client’s value most.

When looking at different perspectives of the development process, like coding, it seems impossible to know where to start. The internet provides an ocean of information that can be overwhelming. My time with Bitstorm Connect has taught me a lot about the industry, and has grown the possibilities I could have in or out of the field. At Bitstorm Connect, they have studied many industry standards and techniques, to figure out not only what works best for the team, but for our clients.


Lonnie Waugh

August 24, 2017

#design #development #students #technology