Video Marketing

It was projected that by 2017, video would account for 74% of all web traffic and by 2019, it would be up to 80%. The video world is dominating the internet with no sign of slowing down. People have become much more aware of their cyber surroundings and can easily navigate between the information they want to see vs what they want to block. Add the tech-savvy nature along with a short attention span and you have a complex nightmare for a marketer trying to capture an audience’s attention; let alone getting a message across. Video Marketing GearBut since videos have taken over the web world, marketers have also caught on, learning to take their campaigns to the next level. For example, by simply adding a video to a marketing email can boost a website’s click through rate by 200-300%. Gone are the days of people reading the Sunday paper and skimming through the advertisements section to find the best deal on that Virtual Reality Samsung 3D 80” LED TV.

The human brain craves visuals along with information; of all the time people spend online, one third of them are watching videos. Video is a great marketing platform to showcase what a business can do for customers and persuade people to buy into their brand. Incorporating videos into emails, posting on YouTube, sharing informational videos on social media and even linking videos to direct mail are all great methods to tap into digital marketing. 59% of company decision makers would rather watch a video than read an article or blog post, but why is this?

As much as our brains love visuals, we have been accustomed to a convenient lifestyle; smartphones, tablets, and virtual assistants have made day to day tasks so much easier. Given the option to read information from an article or have it presented and displayed for you by someone who is enthusiastic and excited about what they are talking about, which would you choose? Video, no doubt, because it’s entertaining and effective!

Video marketing is leading the content revolution; but content will only succeed if it is catered to your viewers and plays upon their interests. Videos become a great tool to promote social integration and audience engagement, as well as helping to improve search results because they are favored in SEO algorithms. Video Marketing CameraThe final key element on why video is so successful is because of its versatility. It can be watched from a computer, TV, tablet, phone and even a watch! Businesses can get their message across to you from anywhere; lying in bed, sitting in an Uber in-route to work or at your nephew’s softball game. The game changer will be what is to come once video reaches 100% of all online traffic…


Kelly Tonkin

July 22, 2017

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