On Retargeting Ads

Most likely, if someone is visiting us here at Bitstorm Connect, they’re looking for what we might be able to do for them. Lately there’s been an interest in what’s known as Retargeting Ad Campaigns. It sounds complicated and sometimes it can be, but that’s why we do what we do. Retargeting Ads are an easy way to bring conversions in from marketing campaigns.

Primarily, there are two types of Retargeting Ads: Pixel-Based and List-Based.

Pixel-Based Retargeting Ads

Pixel-Based ad re targeting is the more common of the two. Essentially, we utilize a piece of small, non-invasive piece of Javascript to add a “cookie” to any given browser.

With Pixel-Based ads, it is instantly done the moment a user visits a specific page.  Based on where the Javascript is placed, it can specify exactly which ads are sent to the end user.  Some may be wondering if this can be used in e-mails but sadly, it is not a common practice to do so. The issue is that with most popular e-mail clients, such as Yahoo and Gmail, block all Javascript by default. It’s worth mentioning that retargeting is only triggered when people visit a website directly.

List-Based Retargeting Ads

List-Based ads use a database of existing contacts for very specific types of ads.

With List-Based ads, using a list of existing contacts can wield a high return on investment. It’s also very modular in nature, meaning someone can hand-pick subgroups based on the topic in which the subgroup is interested. To be successful with a list-based campaign though, a large list of e-mails or social media accounts will need to be available.

It’s important to understand the differences while weighing the pros and the cons of each option. Regardless of which route though, customers have a lot of power over their content and to whom that content is marketed. After weighing the options and the best option is selected, where do you go? An obvious place is your own website, but what pages would you target specifically? With companies like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn competing for your business, the places to advertise are saturated to an overwhelming degree sometimes and it can be difficult to navigate. The results can often make the effort worthwhile.


Lonnie Waugh

May 1, 2017

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